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This is a general style guide for articles on Chemipedia. Chemipedia welcomes contributions but asks editors to read this style guide so they can get an idea of the general style of Chemipedia.

Adding images of molecules[]

To ensure a systematic process, files on Chemipedia should be uploaded and named in the following manner:

When adding an image of a chemical structure for an article about a particular chemical, the standard image should be a skeletal structure, and unless the chemical is particularly large the image should generally be no larger than 20kb in file size.
1. If the image is a standard skeletal structure, it should be named Chemicalname_skeletal as in the following example:

  • Example 1: File:Molecule_name-2D-skeletal.png

2. If the image is of a 3D chemical structure it should be named Chemicalname_skeletal_3D

  • Example 2: File:Ethanol_skeletal_3D.png

3. If the image is of a 3D space-filling model (only upload these in certain cases, where necessary) it should be named Chemicalname_molecule_3D

3D Molecules[]


An example of a 3D molecular structure created with QuteMol - Phenol.

3D images of molecules should be created using the molecular imaging program QuteMol. The program can be downloaded at the following link: [1]. When exporting pictures with QuteMol, the following setting should generally be used (except under certain circumstances):

Qutemol geometry-screenshot

Select Space-Fill on the geometry page.

Qutemol customize-screenshot

On the customization page, the following settings are usually the most suited to Chemipedia images.

3D space-filling models should be named as follows:

  • Example 3: File:Molecule_name-3D.jpg

Relacing Molecule_name with the name of the molecule. This ensures that the images fit a constant standard across the Chemipedia site.

Creating articles[]

1. Chemipedia is a database of chemicals, therefore articles should only be created if they are about a particular chemical or an element. So for example Ethanol, Lithium and Potassium sulphate are all suitable article titles but Bunsen burner or Fractional distillation would be unsuitable topics. 2. Generally, information should not be copied from Wikipedia. It is acceptable to do this initially, in order to start an article, but the remainder should be individual content with suitable references to back it up.

Adding links[]

Links to other chemicals should always link to other Chemipedia articles. However, links to chemical processes, plants or other information that is not a Chemipedia topic can link to articles on Wikipedia, Wikia or elsewhere.