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Chemipedia is a web-based, free-content chemical database. It's main aim is to allow anyone to look up any known chemical compound (such as those in food products or medication) and rapidly find information about it. Please also check out Chemipedia's sister site, Medipedia.
The site is still in its early days at the moment but once it gets going expect it to contain plenty of valuable information that will be of great use for chemists, biologists, medics, allied health professionals and anyone else with a thirst for knowlege.
For the time being, start getting to grips with Chemipedia by visiting the articles listed below...

Look up E Numbers

To find information about the chemicals in a product, either search for the E Number or chemical name or go to the List of E Numbers to browse.

Searching the chemical database...

When you see obscure chemical names or E-Numbers on packets of food or medication in your cupboard, you may find yourself wondering exactly what those chemicals are. Chempedia allows you to quicly search for these chemicals and find out as much information as possible before you go and put them in your mouth! There are also many other uses of Chempedia, as the aim is to eventually contain a myriad of information about hundreds of different compounds and elements. More coming soon!

Chemipedia was originally created by Dafydd Dinneen on the 14th of February 2010.