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Losartan skeletal


Losartan (pronounced /loʊˈsɑrtən/), commonly known under the brand name Cozaar is a drug that works as an angiotensin II receptor angtagonist.

Clinical uses[]

Losartan is primarily used in the treatment of hypertension.

Aortic aneurysm[]

Lorsartan has been shown to slow or even reverse the development of aortic aneurysm in a mouse model of the connective tissue disorder [ Marfan syndrome. A trial of the drug on humans with Marfan syndrome was started in 2008 and is due to be completed in 2013. In addition there have been several anecdotal reports of Losartan sucessfully slowing the development of aortic aneusryms in some individuals.


Following oral administration, Losartan is easily absorbed with a bioavailability of around 25-35%. It undergoes significant first-pass metabolism in the liver, and is converted to its active 5-carboxylic acid metabolite, which is referred to as EXP3174 This metabolite functions as a long acting noncompetetive antagonist at the AT1 receptor and is 10-40 times as potent as Losartan itself.